Robert Renick       

   Robert Renick Educational Center was named after the late Mr. Robert Renick, a renowned School Board Member for twenty-five years. Mr. Renick proposed the idea of a specialized center for Exceptional students that would provide more services and structure for them. Mr. Renick was the first sitting School Board member to have a school named in his honor.

   In honor of the late Mr. Renick, our school has a large portrait on display in the front office. Alongside Mr. Renick's portrait is also displayed a portrait of his deceased daughter, Beth Marie Renick.

   We have various pictures and mementos of the late Mr. Renick on display in our main office and Media Center. Many of the plaques that he received during his tenure are displayed throughout the school.

   Every year for the past nine years a basketball tournament has been held entitled," March Madness", in honor of Mr. Renick's late daughter, Beth Marie Renick. Middle schools participate in this tournament and compete for a trophy that is kept at the winning school for one year.

   There are several programs during the school year  honoring  the late Mr. Renick. Current School Board members have attended these events and will continually be invited to attend future programs here at Robert Renick Educational Center  honoring the late Mr. Robert Renick.






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