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 Role of the School Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker and Counselor

 Develop student service plans and provide individual and group counseling on a regular basis
Provide psycho educational consultation to teachers, administrator and school staff.
Provide ongoing assessment of students including re-evaluations as required. (Psychologists only)
Ensure that there is a coordinated multidisciplinary approach to serving students by participation in IEP conferences, team meetings and case reviews.
Coordinate clinical services including liaison with community agencies and professionals regarding student's treatment.
Serve as a member of the school's crisis intervention team.
Assist in the school's ongoing program development.
Work cooperatively with all school and support service personnel.
Provide family counseling and community agencies' information as appropriate.
Perform other duties as assigned by the principal or designee.

      Psychologist, Clinical Social Workers and Counselors

Dr. Jorge Garcia, School Psychologist (Chairperson)
Ms. Delores Hayes, Guidance Counselor (Student Service Chairperson)
Mr. Theodore Cox, School Psychologist
Ms. Gertrudis Perez, School Psychologist
Ms. Cheryl Dunne, School Psychologist
Ms. Ethelene Johnson, School Social Worker
Ms. Lizzie Hicks, Career Specialist
Ms. Jacquelin Doner, Art Therapist
Ms. Susan Perry, Clinical Social Worker

School Support Specialists
Ms. Avis Joseph, Program Specialist
Mr. Mark Fabal, Staffing Specialist

Bertha Abess Children's Center
Marcos Cintron (Psychiatrist)
David Chaney (Therapist)
Helen Sahinen (Secretary)

Maxim Health Care Services
Anisa Leslie, (School Nurse)