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The Science Department strives to provide our students with a curriculum that will provide opportunities to engage in inquiries so they can begin to recognize the relationship between explanation and evidence.

All activities are based on science as inquiry. Engaging our students in inquiry serves five functions according to the National Science Education Standards.

1. To assist in the development of understanding of scientific concepts.

2. Help students "Know how we know" in science.

3. Develop the skills necessary to develop independent inquiries about the natural world.

4. Develop an understanding of the nature of science.

5. Develop the disposition to use the skills, abilities, and habits associated with science.

At Robert Renick Educational Center the science program fosters conceptual convergence of the sciences, mathematics, and technology with the social and behavioral sciences, and the humanities. The creative and innovative use of technology, textbooks, workbooks, and teacher-made materials are the vehicles that are utilized to their fullest by students and teachers in achieving connections among science technology and the world of work.


Christine Thomas, Science Chairperson