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Math Department Members:
       The Mathematics Department strives to develop each student's mathematical skills by using the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) six standards:

Standard 1. Worthwhile Mathematical Tasks

Standard 2. Teacher's Role in Discourse

Standard 3. Student's Role in Discourse

Standard 4. Tools for Enhancing Discourse

Standard 5. Learning Environment

Standard 6. Analysis of Teaching and Learning

Through these standards, mathematics teachers create an environment that fosters each student's mathematical power across racial, ethnic, and cultural background. The learning environment facilitates teachers to trigger student's prior knowledge and connect lessons to meaningful, significant, and relevant events or experiences in their lives. Students view the classroom as a mathematical community where they are able to think and communicate mathematically. These skills empower our students to solve and explain real world problems. The students demonstrate that they are able to transfer their mathematical knowledge to other subject areas. Teaching and learning mathematics across the curriculum is one of the main purposes of the mathematics department.

Our teachers work collaboratively to enhance their teaching and technological skills through peer-tutoring and other staff development activities. The department emphasizes teacher training and continuous self-assessment. We believe that when teachers are well trained and reflective, students are the ones who benefit.