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Ever mindful that reading capability is the cornerstone of education and ultimately represents the degree to which one successfully accesses society, the Robert Renick Educational Center's Language Arts Department is determined to:

1. Raise student reading levels.

2. Increase reading comprehension skill areas.

3. Increase vocabulary.

4. Increase background knowledge.

Our writing goal is for students to produce a well-formulated and grammatically correct essay with minimal spelling errors. Students are working on expository and persuasive essay forms.

Teachers utilize textbooks, workbooks and teacher-made materials to instruct, review and practice reading comprehension and writing skills. Teacher input and feedback for fostering student achievement in reading and writing are continually solicited. Thus, we use an extensive variety of strategies and methods. We incorporate whatever will work to achieve student success; often changing or modifying strategies numerous times within a scheduled class time to meet the needs of the students.

We utilize pre and post assessments to measure student success and standardized tests to determine student's ability compared to state and national standards. Our students participate in all F-CAT testing.

K. Reed , Language Arts Chairperson